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They also use echolocation to seek their food and stun them with powerful ultrasonic waves emitted from their throat sacs. Due to exposure to radioactive waste and chemicals, womp rats can mutate into larger beasts, with larger jaws, long, whip -like tails, and even an infectious disease -causing saliva. They are relatively solitary creatures, with thick hides, and covered in spikes and horns. They are active at twilight and live off of the blood of large mammals , often travelling in large groups to overwhelm and feed on prey. They graze on lichen , moss and fungi found in ice grottoes as a food source, as well as scavenging on frozen flesh or small rodents; their own meat is unfit for human consumption. Canyon Krayt Dragons live in the rocky caves and canyons of Tatooine ‘s safari ranges.

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They are hairy and have giant teeth and large claws, similar to a lion or wolf.

P over the hollow ground concealing the last Zillo Beast in its cave. The Ewok pony is not the prey of the Condor dragon. Motts are strong, horned mammals that live on Naboo and Mimban. Galactic Battlegroundsand Star Wars Galaxies: It can grow up to 40 meters in length, mostly made up of hypersensitive tail tissue that detects movement.


They are parasites that attach to the skin of their host. It is used by Ewoks as a pack animal and a mount if captured. The legendary science-fiction franchise has drawn inspiration from surprising places for the anijaltaunton made by some of its animaltaunnton. It catches an animal with its tongue, swallows it, and burps. They roamed the plains and swamps of the planet in large herds, and their distinctive call could be heard for kilometers around. Yeomets are trash-eating quadrupeds that live on artificial habitats, like space stations or large capital ships.

Like the native dewbacks of Tatooine, rontos are easy to train and become quite fond of their masters. Gungans use them as mounts. Eopies reach maturity around six standard years of age and their average lifespan is 90 standard years.

According to Burtt, the infamous voice of everyone’s favorite Wookiee was created using “mostly bears, with a dash of walrus, dog, and lion thrown in”. Travelers on Wyndigal II often use croator plumage as anti-radiation protection.

Males are slightly larger than females. Staf have excellent eyesight and massive fangs for tearing through even the thickest hides. Frog-dogs are sentient reptiles with characteristics of both frogs and dogs.

Gullipuds are self-inflating creatures, used in gullipud sttar games on planets like NabooManaanSelonia and Drall. They can consume almost any kind of concrete because the parts they cannot digest are excreted into armor nodules on their bodies. Archived from the original on April 12, Dashta eels are a species native to Ord Cestus with the ability to use the Force.


Tusken Raidersalso known as Sand Peopleare vicious humanoid creatures native to Tatooine.

The Animals Behind the Sounds of Star Wars – Seeker

During the Clone Wars, they lived a primitive lifestyle. Large space slugs may also consume starships and have been known to eat sections of Imperial Star Destroyers that flew too close. They are covered in short fur that is usually yellow or tan and look through garbage and waste dumps for meals. It also has a smaller white dwarf companion that went through this same process before.

Star wars alien animals in Hoth

Now listen to this:. Natural phosphorescence give its eel-like skin an eerie glow. This is new detail that was only visible after Hubble got its upgrade. The birth of the Star Wars franchise was also the birth of Ben Burtt’s legendary career as a sound engineer. Yeltz is an amphibious species that resides in the artificial outpost planets of the Lupania ring. When the plants bloom in the dry season, they provide the draagax with a narcotic that sends them on a berserker frenzy, attacking everything in their path.

Hoska are grazers herd beasts living on the plains of the planet Essowynand are primary source of food for the Saurton, the local sentient species. Jawa are creatures that inhabit Tatooine.

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