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Ougi accompanies Koyomi to the North Shirahebi Shrine, where she tells him that the shrine was originally located not on this mountain top but somewhere else. The bee sting causes an extremely high fever and makes the inflicted person feel as if they are on fire. Back at the shrine Koyomi meets Yotsugi and watches Suruga trying to convince a threatening Shinobu to meet with her first minion claiming she should confront her first one and his feelings even if it might end badly. She tells him that she doesn’t care if he is no longer human, so if Koyomi is about to die, she’ll turn him into a full vampire. Shinobu retreats into the shrine, pouting, and Koyomi asks Yotsugi to remove the mark. Yotsugi halfheartedly suggests offering Shinobu to Teori, which Koyomi refuses. On the way, he has an encounter with Yotsugi who reveals that just like him and Mayoi, she once died, but while Koyomi was transformed into an immortal being and Mayoi became a ghost, she was revived by Yuzuru as a shikigami to serve under her.

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While Suruga and Shinobu stay behind Koyomi goes shopping for food and books and is surprised by the first minion at the book store, now looking like a boy. Koyomi manages to lure Tsubasa to Oshino’s place by sending her an e-mail claiming he is under attack by a vampire, but instead of comforting her, he berates Tsubasa for allowing herself to be possessed, prompting her to attack him.

We find out if the stars of Sinobu Great are guilty or not guilty of some of our favorite breakup movie tropes. On the occasion, Tsubasa asks Kaiki if Oshino has any relatives like a niece and he affirms that just like him, Oshino does not have a family at all, including siblings or such, making the existence of Ougi Oshino very suspicious.

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The story then retrocedes to some days before, in Halloween, when Nadeko, on her way to school has a short encounter with Ougi Oshino, Meme Oshino’s niece, who is also a first year student Koyomi’s high school. While Hitagi’s father drives them, Koyomi is teased, much to his discomfort and Hitagi’s amusement. Suruga begins her match with Rouka.


Koyomi and Oshino are unable to see the glowing yellow eyed, shinobbu word-bound form of the giant crab. Koyomi then asks why Shinobu would do such a thing, as it would go against her intentions of consuming the hotsugi of the donuts. Gaen says she has summoned another specialist to help with the first minion and leaves.

yotsugi shinobu

While investigating his former shoe locker, the pair find three letters, and the story then shifts back to the moment when Koyomi is informed by Tsubasa that Sodachi had returned to the school.

In the aftermath, the two share a laugh over the match. He reasons that his experiences as a vampire must have come with a price. Karen points out how Araragi should shnobu not accepted the fight at all seeing as how it will be impossible shinogu even land a single blow.

If not, Rouka wins. As she prepares to confront the tiger, Tsubasa believes that she may never be able to see Koyomi again, yotshgi after attempting to leave her own mark in Koyomi’s room so he remembers her, she takes a picture of herself and sends it to someone, and writes a note to her other self, in hopes that they can share each other’s knowledge and feelings.

Koyomi is angered by Teori’s musings on the situation, but Teori points out that Koyomi’s anger merely fits the role that he had been cast. After her family finally rents another house for them to live, it is revealed that Tsubasa’s hair developed white stripes just shinobk a tiger, that yotsuvi hides by dying them black, and she yotshgi at last asked her parents for a room just for herself, as a sign that she finally had become a true member of her own family.

While the ritual is seemingly successful, Koyomi realizes that Nadeko is under the attack of two Snake Constrictors, the second being placed by the rejected boy. She calls Hitagi, whom expresses her concern that Gaen named the Tiger “Kako” herself, to illustrate that “Gaen” was the maiden name of Kanbaru and her mother. Donut” brand and states that Koyomi’s girlfriend likely poisoned them. After shinbou bit of probing, Rouka reveals that she has no idea that she committed suicide, and is now a ghost, shocking Suruga.


As he dissolves, Shinobu arrives and, crying, tells him that she is glad she is able to see him again, calling him by his name, Seishirou.

Shinobu taimu sono ichi

Yotsugi and Koyomi prepare to jump to a location near the mountain where the shrine is. Realizing that he has time-traveled to a day before Mayoi’s death, Koyomi decides to save her and prevent her becoming a ghost.

After a short argument, Shinobu eats the first donut, stating that it was delicious and insists that she yotugi Hitagi directly. Dhinobu in a moment of quick thinking, Suruga passes the ball to Rouka. Kaiki realizes that he failed to deceive Nadeko because she never trusted him at all, and because she was previously deceived by Ougi into claiming the charm and becoming a god.

Teori drops a final origami into the offertory box, and it fills up. Suruga then asks him how he knew she would be at the train station earlier. Yozuru says that while this sort of thing isn’t unheard of, Meme Oshino couldn’t have predicted it was going to happen.

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After Karen leaves, Koyomi and Tsukihi discuss why Karen hasn’t joined any athletic teams. While inspecting the donuts, Shinobu notices that they are not “Mr. Koyomi recognizes the need for his sisters to wake up and be more mature about how they conduct themselves. Knowing when she’s beaten, Suruga agrees to accompany him.

Yotsugi uotsugi on to explain that an aggravating factor was the incident with Sengoku and the snake god.

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