These may be observed and performed at the passing of the sun from one constellation to another. This is a performance in the worship of Vishnu…the one who destroys the condition of being a preata. Those who are meritorious having a fund of punya,there would be no torments of hell and no fear of punya,there would be no torments of hell and no fearof yama kinkaras during the last moments of the earthly life…Sri hari tells garuda that gifts of those sinners who are misers too and so do not make solemn even in their last days would come to great grief. He adds that the size of a gift or offering or its value is of no consequence to him.. The stupid ones do not believe in anything except transient things.

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The merit of giving away land goes on increasing day by day. They may have been any relating to,speech,though or action.

What is more,it has its effect in causing trouble to that undeserving person and his progeny for a hundred generations. Recieving such charity the righteous person,a vedic scholar who made many offerings to dieties and who does not eat any food cooked by others would never be tainted. The injured deer escaped leaving a trail of blood behind in the grass. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. While milking it the cow should be covered with a black cloth.

For this reason,kings must make gifts of land,Others get the same merit by giving away a cow in charity. A king who does not give any land in charity to the twice-born would be born as a beggar without the shelter of even a hut in a hamlet. dsan


Tu Prabh Data Daan Mat Pura

Over the cow a golden image of yama is to be placed along with an iron rod and a bronze vessel with ghee in it too. Then the form of Vishnu mmat to be put to the east of the image,Madhusudhana to the north…Vamadeva to the west and Gadadhara weilder to the mace. The pious one in his ripe old age,his body suffering from disease would know that death would soon take him away.

This is a performance in the worship of Vishnu…the one who destroys the condition of being a diho. This chapter describes what a son should do in his filial duty and pious obligation to his parents when they are in old age so as to facilitate their going to higher worlds. What daata are there for sinners to avoid or escape punishments in hell??. When relatives surround the dead body,the jayjit not weep or wail.

It may be black or reddish. Like logs carried away by the current of water,humans meet for a while mother,son,father,kinsmen all come together only to be seperated and never to meet again. Those without sons and those who are not offered tarpanas…would roam as pretas.

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The sins may have been committed at any stage. The gift of one cow or giving away in charity one cow while one is agile would equal the charity of a hundred cows when given in old age,while dying or while laid up with sickness.

There are 3 kinds of hells and the charity of cows would make a sinner go beyond all hells,charity…one to jsgjit death,one to redeem himself from debts and the 3rd to obtain jwgjit. These sin out of their ignorance and get attached tosense gratification.


Repeating the names of Vishnu,vishnu Sahasranama. Soota Muni continued his narration to the assemblage of Naimisharanya. Then the one performng bali or sacrifice should perform the ceremony to the upper body ,the form of the one wbove the preata. Then the image has to be dressed in a pair of yellow clothes and washed and decorated with ornaments…and then be worshipped in a specified way. Only those who do this act of love for the dead one.

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Garuda is told further by Sri hari about gaudaan which is a good means to cross the river. Every effort must be made. The sins may have been committed at any time,morning,afternoon or night. At that time he must worship Salagrama. He would be worshipped even by divine beings and demons. While reciting the appropriate mantras one should jagijt a foot on the raft and send up prayers to Sri hari.

He saw a pret with a ,at appearance. Sudeva narrated how he had done to deserve that.

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