I can’t emphasise how annoyed I was with Lorkin. Even this book left an opening for more, arghhhh. View all 4 comments. The worlds she makes are compelling and different from the vast majority of fantasy out there. The new characters introduced in the series didn’t work for me. Publisher’s Summary Relieved that Lorkin is coming home, Sonea prepares to meet with the traitors on behalf of the Guild. Nov 21, Jael rated it it was ok.

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That I find disappointing. I do have to say that I’ve had a lot more trouble reading through than I did in book 2. Lorkin’s plan to obtain gem-stone knowledge would have much more significance. The sons and daughters of the most powerful families in the realm, her classmates seem determined to see her fail – at whatever cost.

All in all, the promise that this book held was not fully realised — a problem with the execution, rather than the imagination.

Whilst we do have a somewhat inevitable encounter at the end of the Traitor Queen, I just couldn’t help but feel that it was very vanilla and lacked tension and drama. I knocked the second star off for the thing that made trudi canavan the traitor queen feel cwnavan ill and also want to scream – Sonea and Regin!!!! Well, after finishing it, the only thing I must say is, that this sequel shouldn’t exist. Aug 17, Alex Jones rated it it was amazing.

The Traitor Queen is a fantasy novel that was released on August 2, in hardback by author Trudi Canavan.


The Traitor Queen by Trudi Canavan

Return to Book Page. The Magician’s Apprentice By: Before them come the Nazgul-like Skull Bearers, disfigured and transformed Druids who have fallen prey to the dark arts.

Earthsea Saga Ursula Le Guin 9. The Traitor Queen has given Lorkin the huge task of brokering an allian In this series, anybody that As many have already said, the Black Traitro trilogy is one of the greatest series of fantasy books ever written.

The Traitor Queen

The Great Lord wins! The Traitor Spy Trilogy. Richard is the narrator for all six books in the two series and is very easy to listen too. Young Nevare Burvelle trudi canavan the traitor queen the second son of a second son. In short, this is not JRR Tolkien or George RR Martin stuff, but it is still enjoyable, but beware that some of the characters becomes stocky and even a bit unbelievable.

She stuck to the basics, but it is time, I think, to go beyond the basics in the next book, which I hope will not be set within the same universe. I really want Kyralia to encounter Igra, I was a little disappointed after they were introduced in ‘The Ambassador’s Mission’ that nothing more was really made of it, beyond giving a starting point for some changes to some laws that we won This book was danavan, however I was left feeling a little dissatisfied with the ending, not because of anything particularly wrong with it, trudi canavan the traitor queen more because there’s so so much more I want to know about this world and Canavan currently has no more stories for it.


I would rather have it hinted at in a sequel hrudi a long way in the future.

The Traitor Queen Audiobook | Trudi Canavan |

The Traitor Spy Trilogy 3 books. Over all the book and Trilogy is a good read and it gives some more insight to the world that Trudi Have created. Find out more about OverDrive accounts. Reasonable ending Did Richard Aspel do a good job differentiating all the characters? Her interactions with Regin were in Spoilers I wasn’t impressed with this.

The Traitor Queen | Canavan’s Books Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

As always, I was happy to be reunited with many of the original characters from The Black Magician Trilogy who feel like old friends to me now. Lorkin does not do much, but he might finally get the woman he loves. Sonea, the main character was my favourite as you’d expect, her sense of right, self doubt and belief in the Guild made her stand out above the rest.

I do wonder about that loose thread, will something happen?

It was much as the first two were: They seemed to have more action, which felt like something they were lacking a little in the earlier books.

I almost feel a bit disappointed but that has to do with my maybe unrealistically high expectations. I still miss Akkarin, sigh.

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