Imagine that you have bought the first fax machine ever produced. So when a storm threatened the crop of one of the families, people became less generous with their time to help bring it in before disaster struck. This is how today’s money system pits the participants in the economy against each other. Both the best and the worst of what the Modern Age has achieved can, therefore, be indirectly attributed to these hidden effects of interest – the apparently banal feature of our officially prevailing money system. More about this will be described in Chapters 5 and 8. Following a chapter-by-chapter outline, Lietaer points to a Primer on How Money Works , which is as an appendix.

the future of money bernard lietaer

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The opportunity that will be described in the pages following may seem as extraordinary as the crisis itself.

Moreover, since these debts can only be repaid with official money, alternative or complementary currencies are severely limited in how far they can compensate for the problems created by official ‘debt-money’.

Increasingly, these artificial attempts are lirtaer because the actual information cannot be ‘owned’, but only the conduits of its delivery System. In the Mony, the same scramble for jobs has resulted in a worsening of working conditions, rather than straightforward unemployment. You will also discover why this avenue of change is becoming more plausible as we move through the current information revolution from an Industrial Age economy towards the incoming values of an Age of Knowledge.

Aleksi Korpinen rated it really liked it Aug 04, The vignettes provide a foretaste of what Sustainable Abundance might look and feel like in Even the lowest income households transferred DM 1. While these changes may seem frightening in their scale, they also hold yhe promise of unprecedented opportunity. Thus our ability to make knowledgeable choice allows us to imagine, devise and support different futures. All these non-traditional currencies are prototypes of the liwtaer money revolution.


The Future of Money | Table of Contents | Bernard Lietaer () – TOWARDS LIFE-KNOWLEDGE

This is particularly true in light of the fact that working solutions are already underway, with thousands of communities around the world taking their own money initiatives. I found the case for establishing complementary currencies persuasive but I moey also agree with the warnin This book is a bit dated now, but tellingly accurate about the global financial crisis that followed its publication.

Greco is more concerned with the details of current and potential alternative currencies, devoting much of his book to descriptions of current examples and a selection of past ones, their strengths and weaknesses, and theoretical possibilities and recommendations for future systems, several of which are his own proposals.

Even the ‘long bond’, the longest- term conservative investment available today in dollars, has a maximum horizon of 30 years. Money is typically geographically attached to a 1 nation-state. Central bankers are magicians.

The Future of Money | Table of Contents | Bernard Lietaer (1999)

By exploring contrasting scenarios, in Chapter 4 we will clarify how changes in lietae current money system could pull our societies in very different directions.

Aleksejs rated it really liked it Sep 21, Your money is really what is in your account, because the familiar physical notes will be given to you on demand as long as there is a positive balance on your account. The story of these seedlings, the various innovations now occurring within money systems, will be told here.


the future of money bernard lietaer

What we are talking about here is a belief about a belief. Nevertheless, indefinitely compounded interest in the material world is a mathematical impossibility see sidebar. One of the first scarcities to address is job scarcity. Reainer in Human Resources restores old lutes and other musical mony. It is worth remembering what John F.

the future of money bernard lietaer

Moreover, a chain of belief about a belief is only as strong as its weakest link. Some of them may appear almost magical at first.

the future of money bernard lietaer

So had it been less advocacy and more ‘social science’ I would have rated it higher. This article needs additional citations for verification.

The Future of Money by Bernard A. Lietaer

Although they make a point where they appear, they can also stand-alone. During the course of his career, he has anticipated major monetary changes. However, there is growing concern that many of the challenges we now face are unrelenting and more and more people question our ability to address them effectively.

It was written as an overview of how money and the financial system works, the effects of modern money paradigms, especially relating to debt and interestand how it can work to everyone’s benefit to solve a wide range of problems, especially with the use of complementary currencies. This story isolates the role of interest – the eleventh round – as part of the money creation process, and its impact on the participants.

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