Our robust DIAS pyrometers are suitable excellent manner with very short setting times and very small spot to do so. At the exit of the furnace the glass is pressed into shape between 2 solid cloth surfaces, Boron Nitride powder is used as a lubricating agent during pressing. A big part of our costumers trust in individual, application specific system solutions and services. Below is an image of the furnace with one hoop exiting, moving into position to be pressed. An air purge is used to keep the powder from settling on the lens.

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Before glass panes can be bended the furnace has to have the correct temperature for the heating process. Elsewise quality problems can occur. These are for example:. Reliable systems for surveillance and recognition of spontaneous fires inside bunkers or free air ppyrosoft of waste or combustible materials like paper, waste or charcoal are neccessary to detect and reduce undesirable fires.

Float glass is produced in the so called float glass process. In addition to these universal software versions, a comprehensive application-specific thermography software is available. Offer Profile Based in Dresden, DIAS Infrared GmbH develops and manufactures high-quality infrared cameras, infrared line cameras, pyrometers, black bodies and pyrosofh detectors for industrial temperature measurements.

A bridge over the band conveyor was chosen as a pyrooft for installation.

Because different sizes and amounts of collateral legs of reinforcing bars are produced, the software allows the switching of saved templates per touch-screen. Quality issues can occur if the glass blanks are pyrksoft heated prior to bending or if there are variations in glass temperature from arm to arm as they exit the furnace. For gas stoves only the internal temperature of the furnace is measured, but not the workpiece itself. In this way the quality of the float glass can be monitored.


pyrosoft spot

After the temperature measurement raw materials are milled into plates and get coated with hot wax in order to make them robust against mechanical influence. For the production of reinforced concrete reinforcing bars made of steel are used to make the concrete resistant of pygosoft drag and compressive forces. One of the pydosoft important parameters at induction hardening is the correct temperature of the item to guarantee the required quality of the product.

Software PYROSOFT Spot | DIAS International

In this way it is guaranteed that the pyrsoft settings are used. Our robust DIAS pyrometers are suitable excellent manner with very short setting times and very small spot to do so. The output of the pyrometer is used for the controlling of this very fast heating process. The burner flame has no influence on the measurement.

pyrosoft spot

The partial and pyrsoft heating of metallic workpieces during induction hardening places high demands on the test instruments. The data is sent via fibre optics to a computer in the control room to fulfill the hard electromagnetic requirements.

The forged blanks are preheated to gas-fired or induction heated furnaces and therefore can not be measured directly with conventional thermocouples. The ampoules are heated by the burner to a certain temperature that is crucial for the further processing. The objective of the measurement is to ensure that the glass on each of the 10 arms is uniformly heated as they exit the furnace just prior to bending in a press.

Environments that are prone to fires pyrosot also be monitored and protected by our fire surveillance system. It is the base for insulation glass, window glass, safety glass, mirror glass or automobile glass. Digital pyrometers with fiber optic specifically for the non-contact temperature on pyroeoft can be used instead of the common thermocouples.


The DIAS system solution for foundries, consists of pyrometers, display and evaluation unit and software can compensate differences by using an algorithm, in measurement results pytosoft by a fluctuating iron stream.

In this form they are continued processing in other industries. It is positioned to look down at the hoop and glass as lyrosoft leaves the furnace. Too low or too high temperatures in the strand casting of steel can lead to significant quality problems and thus result in high costs.

Water cooling is also employed to keep the camera at the proper operating temperature. To monitor the development of the temperature of the forging blank, DIAS pyrometer for contactless temperature measurement during heating and pre-forming can be used.

DIAS pyrometers and detectors

DIAs has developed special pyrometers for the temperature measurement through the flame of the burner. Scrap metal is being melted for the production of reinforcing bars and is casted in continuous casting to steel billets.

Since dumped materials are mostly inflammable the probability of spontaneous combustions is high with disastrous effects for man and environment. Glass ampules are heated by a burner to a particular temperature that is crucial for the pyrosofr processing of the glass.

pyrosoft spot

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