Arab Idol — The Voice Kids — The song is also by Samir Sfeir and Tarek Madkoor, who this time chose to create a simpler mix to the song that focuses on Sfeir’s tune and shows a wide vocal range for Ajram. The lead single and title track was a change in the sound of Ajram welcomed by critics and fans. Problems playing these files? The song is the second creation of Samir Sfeir and Tarek Madkoor in the album, after “Meen Ghayri Ana” which fans highly requested a music video for. The choice of “Khaffef” was also not well-received, since this song did not catch as much attention as Nancy’s previous Khaliji hit “Mishtaga Leik”.

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Along with the album’s release came a high budget video for “Betfakkar Fi Eih” with hi-tech effects that marked a first in the Arab world. Betfakkar Fi Eih broke the record in HitMarker’s Top 10 best-selling Arabic album charts by remaining for 54 consecutive weeks in the list since the date of its release. In the lead hit video, prominent director Said El Marouk was thoroughly criticized for focusing on high-level effects and styles rather than a coherent storyboard for the clip.

In “Mashi Haddi”, Ajram returns to Lebanese folkore last seen in her nancy ajram betfakar fi eih Sheel Oyoonak Annibut this time with a fast oldies style that takes a great credit betfaksr the album’s uniqueness.

Ajram who always performs Tarab for other singers in her concerts finally included her own track after the tracks of her debut album Mihtagalak. Betfakkar Fi Eih Arabic: Retrieved from ” https: The three different looks in the shoots and the three different hairstyles in the car shoot were the work of her make-up artist, Fady Kataya, and hairdresser, Wassim Morkos from Pace e Luce, respectively.


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Betfakkar Fi Eih – Wikipedia

Betfakkar Fi Eih is considered one of Nancy’s most successful albums to date as it won her first World Music Award after seven albums. Alray News in Arabic. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. This page was last edited on 29 Augustat Another fast Egyptian song by Mohammed Rahim is najcy Sahhar” which was rumored to have been the old title of the album.

Problems playing these files? Romantic rock power ballad track which shows Ajram’s deep convincing feelings towards her lover. In Betfakkar Fi Nancy ajram betfakar fi eihAjram performed the widest variety of styles in comparison with her previous albums, many of which were completely new to her.

Betfakar Fi Eih (بتفكر في إيه) (English translation)

The cover ehi showed Ajram sitting at the nancy ajram betfakar fi eih of a car, staring mysteriously outside the window, or simply with her eyes closed, appearing to be deep in thought and imagination.

Due to huge amount of video requests for different songs, Nancy announced that she will be filming about 10 music videos from the 14 songs of the album. The song is also by Samir Sfeir and Tarek Madkoor, who this time chose to create a simpler mix to the song that focuses on Sfeir’s tune and shows a wide vocal range for Ajram.

Probably the most remarkable feature of this song is that it is a Tarab song by Nahcy Sfeir “Biteegy Sirtak”. Laha Magazine in Arabic.

Betfakar Fi Eih (بتفكر في إيه) (Transliteration)

The song, which was originally 15 minutes long had to be edited down to 6 minutes for radio stations to be able to play it all.

Even though “Meen Ghairy Ana” is considered by many to be the smash hit of the album, the choice of the lead single was to be the album title track as usual, which did not satisfy all critics. However, “Betfakkar Fi Eih” then became the lead single and album title.


However, Betfakkar Fi Eih was nevertheless voted 2 for the best video of in an online survey by Stars Cafe. In the song, Madkour’s brand new Western formula of beats jaram instruments created a unique and “colorful” style for Ajram; a much richer mix than the simple, yet unique electric guitar he nancy ajram betfakar fi eih in the album’s hit “Betfakkar Fi Eih”, from which the video’s whole style was inspired.

Nancy Ajram – Betfakar Fi Eih (بتفكر في إيه) lyrics + Transliteration (Version #2)

In the song, Ajram faces him with the truth she was hiding betfa,ar the old song and video and announces that she no longer has a heart like before to love him.

May 12, “Betfakkar Fi Eih” Released: Saida Online in Arabic. Gerasa News in Arabic. Two months upon release, many then-unfilmed songs achieved huge success among the public and acquired “smash-hit status”, including nancy ajram betfakar fi eih album’s promo song 5 months pre-release, “Meen Ghayri Ana”, as well as the instant radio-hits “Lamset Eed”, “Mashi Haddi”, “Wana Bin Idek”, “Sahharny Sahhar”, and the first two singles, “Betfakkar Fi Eih” and “Min Dally Nseek”.

Nancy Ajram albums albums. The tour became Nancy’s first to feature legs outside the Arab World. Arab Idol — The Voice Kids — Arabic Pop World Ballad Pop rock.

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