When you click the Get time button now, the current date and time is displayed next to the button:. Adios to Winter Bash Visibility Visible Indicates if the web part should be displayed. Partial cache dependencies List of cache keys on which the cached keys depend. Indicates if customers need to create an user account in your site so that they can make a purchase. Stack Overflow works best with JavaScript enabled. Each web part has the following properties on the General tab:

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The dialog lets you choose if you want to change the collation or leave the original one.

Kentico CMS 5.5 R2 Released

Indicates if macro resolving is disabled for the web part. Use integrated Windows authentication ASP. In case you are using an existing database, you kentico cms 5.5 choose if you want to Create Kentico CMS database objects.

The default user name is administratorthe default password cns blank. Enter a valid license key and click the Next button.

It’s highly recommended that you change the password after you finish the installation. Require company account information Indicates if a customer is required to provide company account information.

Web part development overview

I guess you used the same cma and kentico cms 5.5 folder was not empty – the files from version 6 were still there and now they are causing this issue. Web parts allow you kenticco add your custom.


ID of the web part on the page. If you decide to run the New site wizard, you can find more details in the following chapter. When using an existing database, you may also come across the following dialog.

The list of document type code names separated with a semicolon ; for cs the web part cmss be displayed if they are selected as the current document.

Adios to Winter Bash HTML content displayed kentico cms 5.5 the web part. In both cases, you need to enter the name of the database into the appropriate field.

They allow you to display content or add some functionality to your website. These properties are created automatically when the web part is defined.

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Post as a guest Name. You will typically use one of these:. Open the website project using the WebProject. Default country Choose your default country or country where you sell the most.

Now you can decide if you want to use an existing database or create a new database. The minimum order value when the shipping is not charged. When you click the Get time button now, the current date and time is displayed next to the button:. Each web part has the following properties on kentico cms 5.5 General tab: Use an extra company address Indicates if the extra company address should be used.


If your web part consists of several files such as ASCX controls, images, js scripts, etc. Visibility Visible Indicates if kentico cms 5.5 web part should be displayed.

Project Management in Kentico CMS 5.5 R2

Each web part has the following default properties that are not displayed on this tab. Switch to the Design tab and drag and drop the following controls and set their properties: However, if you define some of these properties via this tab, you can modify its default behaviour and attributes of the property e.

I’m using Kentico CMS 5. Contains a relative path to the user control that implements the web part. The same dialog is displayed if your trial period has expired.

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