Retrieved 18 January Also any body only just realising Sesta is the better producer out of the pair of us is a dick head. The Life Of Riley”. Retrieved 19 January Briggs 2 on Discogs.

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The Hangover Premium Edition.

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Retrieved 3 February Quiickening Quickening was the full release handy j at funkoars the quickening end of a really fucking long and shit massage. This interview was completed on October 19th, funkoars the quickening day before the tragic news broke that hip hop legend MC Hunter had passed away from Cancer.

Stabler would fuck him all sorts of ways. Our thoughts and prayers go out to his family, friends and crew. In MarchSesta explained that at the time of the band’s formation, notions of fame or success were not a significant factor in the creative process, and he thinks “that’s what gave the local scene such a strong foundation.

Usually towards the end of the record we cull all of the nonsensical shit, this time we added extra. Uncle Sesta or simply Sesta and Matthew Honson a.

Retrieved 19 January National Library of Australia. Retrieved 11 November Consisting of MC and producer Daniel Rankine a. A homage to the 80s 8-bit legacy produced by Sesta using the dustiest synths available the gang proceed to highlight their video game ups and downs with a show stealing verse from PC smasher funkoaars rappers rapper, Fatty Phew.


RefluxFunkoars was established in Adelaide around the year InFunkoars left Obese Records and returned to the Peepshow label for the release of the group’s third album, The Funkoars the quickeningon 29 November Archived from the original on 6 October Views Read Edit View history. Also any body only just realising Sesta is the better producer out of the pair of us is a dick head.

Funkoars – The Quickening Interview – aahh

In an interview in MarchSesta described the effect that the changes within the band as “we used less samples and focused more on playing instruments ourselves, it led to funkoars the quickening much more enjoyable and dynamic chemistry in the studio”. Currently you are touring the Quickening around the country, with dates all over the nation.

Funkoars the quickening compared the EP to fuhkoars forthcoming album by referring to the former as “six heavy, sweat-dripping pockets of nervous energy, tightly duct-taped together, and pressed really hard onto wax”, while the forthcoming album “is like an aggressive foot rub from your neighbour, you’re kinda familiar with how it’s going to qkickening down, but the closeness of it funkoars the quickening everyone a bit uncomfortable.


When you tour you are often spending more time with the touring party than your own family so you have to surround yourself with like-minded people, we have been genuinely blessed by Tom Cruise that our friends also happen to be fucking nuts at what they do.

As a proud Australian with Indigenous heritage yourself, it now seems more than ever that some amazing crews and artists across Australia are now getting the recognition and attention they deserve. Who do you have joining you on this tour and why? Depends who you are really. Retrieved 18 January The production on the second album is mostly credited to Sesta and Trials, both of whom have also produced for the Hilltop Hoods.

Retrieved 30 July Quic,ening 2 on Discogs. Furst Media Pty Ltd. This page was last edited on 10 Novemberat Adelaide, South AustraliaAustralia. Subscribe Enter your email address to receive our weekly hip hop newsletter. Retrieved 13 April

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