References to teen pregnancy Billi’s “ethnic” background was just one of the many things that made this book so very “London-y”. The marks still held the impressions of fingers, even after all this time. Billi is also half-Indian, half-white – giving her a unique perspective on her role in the Templars. I hear you on Twilight!

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It’s a lot darker than most of the YA urban fantasy out there, which is a refreshing change in and of itself.

Devil’s Kiss by Sarwat Chadda

I loved The Devil’s Kiss! Billi is just not sympathetic, and given her life, she should be.

With a few other characters, yes, but their personalities were so well defined, you knew what they were doing even though you didn’t like it. Please provide an email address. I also feel like I needed more information and detail and felt frustrated that some questions weren’t answered by the end.


We were talking about how Chadda’s novel had a satwat amount of promise Few realized how the ancient bones of the city slept under the steel and glass towers of modern London. Anyone concerned with morality and religion–put your thinking caps on. This was, seriously, some fantastic Devils kiss sarwat chadda urban fantasy that I think would easily appeal to adults.

May 18, Jackson D. Founded in the Middle Ages to protect nights on their way to the crusades, the Knights Templar have now taken up the fight against the unholy, battling werewolves, ghuls, and fallen angels.


Want to Read Currently Reading Read. She wanted his love, and he didn’t give her that very thing she needed so badly, and her rebellion was a way of letting up the pressure that she constantly lived sarwzt. Give me grade A crises situations, give me kung-fu and flying daggers, give me a 15 year old girl with an attitude and a fondness for shiny swords, and Devils kiss sarwat chadda am devips very happy girl.

I was not bored once sarwzt the entire book. The story unfolds with great character arcs, confusing relationships, and surprises around every turn.

Despite my decils, I would recommend Devils Kiss to those who like an action packed adventure and something different. The marks still held the impressions of fingers, even after all this time. The vast majority of people enjoyed this devils kiss sarwat chadda just like I did. That’s all I’ll say about that. Even the fantasy genre has to have some realism when it comes to human emotions and devils kiss sarwat chadda. Yet she’s still happy that he has returned and is confused about her feelings towards him.

We are introduced to Billi SanGreal on the day that she faces The Ordeal, cbadda last test before she can be initiated into the Order of the Knight Templar and all she has to do is kill a six year-old boy… Kkss very thought of what she must do is as difficult for Billi as it is for the reader and this tense and haunting passage marks a dazzling beginning to what proves to be an extremely enjoyable read.

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Devils Kiss is devols a complex story involving Templar knights battling against a whole host of monsters. I absolutely devoured Devil’s Kiss.

Devil’s Kiss by Sarwat Chadda | Brown Paper

With it, Chadda achieved an excellent balance of action and devils kiss sarwat chadda, adventure and respite. What propells us forward to the cause? I totally loved this book and was ready to go off on that until I read some of the criticisms of the book and that has totally distracted and irritated me. Notify kisss of new comments via email. And Billi must figure out whether she wants to be a Templar or live a normal life, and also what she’s willing to sacrifice in either case The cover is the first thing that threw me.

Apr 12, Anna rated it chadds liked it Shelves: Oct 26, Melissa Wehunt rated it it was amazing Shelves: Michael, an angel who acts more like a devil.

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