Would you like to advertise on Wildy’s World? He displays an ability to not just write lyrics but tell stories in the form of deliciously pop oriented songs that eschew the usual tricks and enhancements that take pop music away from music and closer to programming. He’s great live, and he’s a really nice person. I have not been to his shows, but I am definitely looking forward to see him soon. At the age of 23 she already Posted by Wildy Haskell at 6: Michael Stollaire – Trinity Review:

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Stranger Inside — Carlos has timees ‘that thing’ that so many artists these days strive for. There isn’t a weak song here. That aside, it’s an amazing debut.

Carlos Bertonatti – Times Are Good Album

It’s a song of love lost in carlos bertonatti times are good minor key with strings, gorgeous harmonies, and kind of a wall-of-sound motif. All of these great songs aside, I would direct your attention to A Million Mileswhich may just be a masterpiece in song. Prosevere – Versus CD Review: With slight Latin and soul influences in the background, you can almost hear the synched drum beats and canned keyboards that many producers would have packaged these songs in.


He took off with the man’s bike under his car and was arrested by the police. Carlos’ album is great. One Two Three is another song that some producer will probably take and turn into a dance mix mega hit yood so. So Many Ways is an upbeat acoustic timess, and Story Of A Little Girl is a moderate ballad about a disaffected debutante with a chorus that is unforgettable.

He is absolutely awesome.

Wildy’s World: CD Review: Carlos Bertonatti – Times Are Good

Muchos Besitos Carlos desde Cali! Times are good – no more. Read the Wildy’s World submission policy arw. Times Are Good is a smashing debut that has the potential to take the pop charts by storm, and is definitely a Wildy’s World Desert Island Disc.

As this album has now been picked up by a major label, don’t be surpised if it’s a 1 CD that reigns in the bertonattu 10 through the summer and into the Holiday shopping season. Would you like to advertise on Wildy’s World? Blake Lewis – Heartbreak On Vinyl.



He is truly and inspiring young man that will definitely go far. This guy has had 42 sitations in Miami and last sunday he killed a man on a bike while driving drunk. All it takes is 3 chords and a dream!

I will be there at your 30th tour!! I love what his songs have to say and the message they convey! He’s a rising star! Still, there are other high points here: Kasey Lansdale — Never Say Never. Wednesday, July 9, CD Review: He is a great guy and a fantastic performer. When it comes to Carlos, you hit the nail on the head. I love his music, it is carlos bertonatti times are good Michael Stollaire – Trinity Review: Album after album of original material So here’s the skinny, revised July 22, Todd Rundgren – Arena.

Faces Of March – Confessions.

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