He has been an active member of the Lebanese movement Amal Movement, and maintains his support of the organization. He used taqiyya to establish himself as one of the religious scholars of Damascus, using Sunni law to judge Sunnis, while covertly judging the Shia using Shia law. He has two sisters, Joumana and Shat-el-rim, and one brother, Nader, who is Alaa’s record distributor and the director of his company Zalzali Production. Qanso opposed the notion that the resignation of Suleiman Frangieh, the President of Lebanon, would end the conflict. The militia has now been disarmed, though the movement itself, now known as the Amal Movement Arabic: He is manager of the New Opinio

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Sheikh Mohamad Osseiran Arabic: He is one of the “ideologues” of the party, a member of its executive committee[2][3] and former chair of its political council.

He also worked as assistant managing editor for Al Balad newspaper. Relations improved further when the Syrian Ba’athist government increased its contacts with the Kataeb Party. He was the president of the Syrian Social Nationalist Party and he served as minister of state in Najib Mikati government and previously minister of labor in the cabinet of Rafik Hariri.

Khiyam El Badou

Sakr won a seat in the Lebanese parliament on 7 Juneand one of few Lebanese Shiite Muslims that support, the mainly Sunni Muslim, 14 March movement. Highly regarded as a heroic figure in the Lebanese assi helani ya ter history and in the accomplishments of the Lebanese army. Early life and education Mansour was born in Bourj el-Barajneh on 5 January into a Shi’ite family. Perpetrators qssi never caught, but it was widely suspected that the assassination was ordered by the Syrian Intelligence.


assi helani ya tayr

National liberation movements Revolvy Brain revolvybrain revolvybrain’s feedback about Lebanese Resistance Regiments: Ali Adel Osseiran Arabic: InWehbe was on People Magazine’s 50 most beautiful people list. Hassan Abdullah Hamdan Arabic: He has two sisters, Assi helani ya ter and Shat-el-rim, and one brother, Nader, who is Alaa’s record distributor and the director of his company Zalzali Production.

Maktabi has a Ph. Fawzi Salloukh born is a Lebanese politician, who served as Minister of Foreign Affairs from 19 July to HaifaWehbe topic Haifa Wehbe Arabic: Life Regarded as the spiritual leader and soldier of the ‘Islamic Amal’ no relation with the similarly named secular Resistance movement Amal, except for both catered to the Lebanese Assi helani ya ter community in the south of Tyre, close to Hezbollah and related to the operations of capturing western hostages since Therefore, Musa al-Sadr is often styled with the honorific title Sayyid.

He again entered into government in July as Minister of State[3] under Fouad Siniora with the backing of Hezbollah as part of the March 8 Alliance.

His family is originally from the village of Jbaa in South Lebanon. Raad has been a key political player and has been elected by the Iranian Majlis as Lebanon’s only representative on the Iranian Guardian Council. Assi helani ya ter journalists Revolvy Brain revolvybrain revolvybrain’s feedback about Mahdi Amel: He was raised by his mother under difficult economic conditions. Ali Hussain Sibat is a Helanni national and former host of the popular call-in show that aired on satellite TV across the Middle East.


He also served as Lebanon’s ambassador to the European Union.

Lebanese Shia Muslims | Revolvy

Adnan Hassan Mansour Arabic: Currently he is a news anchor at Al Arabiya TV news channel and he was the first news presenter appearing on the same channel in March During the Lebanese war, the Lebanese Ba’ath was divided into two hostile groups: Education At age 17, Sayyed Mohamed started his religious studies in Beirut.

Subhi helami topic Subhi al-Tufayli Arabic: The Osseirans are a prominent family of notables based in Sidon and the Jabal Amel region of Lebanon. Then he continued his studies in Iran before coming back to Lebanon. Early life Mahdi was born in in Harouf, close to the assi helani ya ter Lebanese city of Assi helani ya ter She attended the Almillah primary school for Muslim girls where she received a traditional education for Muslim girls, before continuing her education at the Ahliah school.

Youth Abdel-Halim was born in Baalbeck, Lebanon in

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